mercoledì 20 maggio 2015

The gift of a special man

This is the very first gift i received from my grandfather. I perfectly remember the day i received it. It was a cold night in January, outside was snowing, and we were all around the fireplace, in the living room, like we were used to do during a family reunion. Somebody knocked at the door. My father told me to go and open the door, already knowing who was outside. I opened the door, and he was there, with his big black hat in his hand, inside his hot coat. My grandpa was smiling kindly, like always, i could have felt the warmth of his look. He was carrying a huge old bag. I thought he wouldn't have been able to come in time for my sixth birthday. He said he had to work and that he wasn't able to arrive in time. He made me a surprise. He hugged me kindly, and lifted me like he was used to do. He came inside closing the door behind his back. He took out his coat and put in the wardrobe with his usual class. He gave me the bag and he told me to go in the living room and wait for him before unwrapping it. I brought it in the living room, and as he said I waited for him. When he arrived i started unwrapping it furiously. I was dying of curiosity. I had to see what was inside. By the time I was done I saw this ball. I was a bit disappointed at the beginning. I didn't understand the gift. I still didn't get the value. He looked at me and told me "This is the ball it was given to me by my father. It has been of our family for more than 50 years now. It's yours. This represents us. Keep it, don't use it, respect it. When you'll look at it, you will remember of me, and our story." From that moment on i kept it and took care of it. It's in my room now, and every time i look at it i remember of my grandfather, and even though he passed away recently, that day and his gift are still installed in my memory. 

I found this three other website that explains the relationships between me, this soccer ball and my granddad: this link leads to a video that most represents the feelings that i have always proved for my granddad. 

This is the last picture i have with my dad. This is the past and the future. Every time i see it i have shivers all over my back.